Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Vigil Begins

Marcie is not taking liquids of any kind now. She's awake, but she is refusing. I can't blame her. She has a lot of trouble breathing and has liquid in her chest, from what I hear. I do not believe Kaiser personnel who told me it was in her throat yesterday. She takes shallow, rapid, rattling, ragged breaths.

Keep her in your thoughts, if you are not dodging fires and sorting out evacuations or cancellations of them. Her mom, Barbara, is here and watching her with me.

I am able to administer some medication by crushing the drugs, suspending it in honey, then putting it under her tongue with a syringe. It was my own idea, and it works fairly well. Just a tip for anyone visiting from outside our circle of friends.


Amy said...

I am keeping Marcie in my thoughts and prayers. Please tell her I send her my love.
Amy Horne

Chrissy Patterson said...

Dearest Frank,
I can't even try to imagine how you must be feeling .

I just got home from work to find this sad update & I will pray that when the time comes, our lovely Marcie goes in her sleep.

You are doing such an incredible job as husband/caregiver. You are staying so strong.

Lots of Love & hugs,

Tanya said...

I must say that when I visited you and Marcie on Sunday I was struck by the strong front you put up. You are a rock. Strong and loving and supportive. For anyone reading this who has not been able to see Frank and Marcie together in all this horribleness, I feel I need to share with all of you, this man that Marcie has shared the last near two decades with is so amazing. Marcie has shared many deep thoughts about this man, about his strengths, his wit and his thoughtfulness. I've seen it now too. Marcie, Frank, my love is with you always. You are a good man.

Anonymous said...


You and Marcie continue to be in our harts, thoughts and prayers daily for a loving journey during these spirit trying days.

We love you both so very much...

Thank you for sharing your daily updates, they mean a lot to us.

Let us know how we can help anytime.

Much Love,
Walt & Lisa Soto