Saturday, October 27, 2007

Heavy Breathing

Marcie is gurgling again, so I have requested oxygen. The nurse got me some antibiotics to crush into her ice cream (or apple sauce). She needed pain medication, but she sounds clearer now. We'll see.

I managed to get out today (thanks to our hospice aide, Shawn Marie). I had a four-hour break and got some exercise, then came home and helped the nurse check Marcie out and diagnose her. Marcie took in some orange juice and some water, but that was about it. I'm just giving her love and waiting for the oxygen tanks and prescriptions to come in.


Chrissy Patterson said...

Hi Frank,
I was so glad to read that you shared dinner with Marcie last night & you got out of the house for a bit today.

You're doing an incredible job.
Give Marcie my love and you hang in there.
Take Care,
Chrissy & family