Sunday, October 21, 2007

Slow Start Today, And Visitor Stuff

Marcie is looking forward to her day, but she couldn't quite wake up this morning, so she's snoring away for the moment. She took some grapes, which helped me feed her the decadron, and I'll be making her a more elaborate breakfast later on.

I have had inquiries about visits. They're fine, but be patient. I can't accommodate everyone who wants to come by for now. However, I can lay out a few ground rules and some links to read first. First off, read this page on visiting cancer patients. Secondly, this page is public, so not everyone will get a visit who might ask for one.

Some common-sense:
  • Visits are for family and friends only.
  • Marcie gets final approval of visitors.
  • No drop-ins.
Some less intuitive rules:
  • No children on visits, please.
  • Don't visit if you are ill.
  • Contact me before you send or bring flowers or gifts.
Okay, I hope those are not too onerous. If you would like a visit, flash me an email and we will see what can be done. Have a good day, folks.