Thursday, October 25, 2007

Expecting Low Expectations

Hi, folks. A more "me-personal" post for all of you.

I am not at my prime. I am tired. I am awake or on a hair-trigger most of the night so that I can move Marcie, give her pain medication, and soothe her. I will return to work tomorrow, so I will be juggling jobs, so to speak, again. I will only get more tired.

This means my correspondence will be short, I will be shooing people off the phone, and I will probably be pretty cranky if prodded the wrong way. I apologize in advance. It isn't you. I will also be "off" if I am in the 20th hour awake or so...

In short, I am not running at full capacity and wanted to let everyone know that for every miscue, misstep or misunderstanding, I probably spent an hour taking care of our Marcie. Thanks for understanding, folks. F.


Anonymous said...


Hang in there and no worries if your reponse to people is short or odd in any manner - it is totally understandable given all you are going through.

As the moments of your day evolves remember that you are not alone, that many of us have gone through spirit trying times before as you and we stand with you now in spirit and in action.

I'm sure I'm not the first nor the last to say, "I am at your service" - so just let me know what I can do for you.

Much Love,

jane said...

Thank you for that Frank but at this point I think we know it's all about Marcie, and knowing that your loving and patient care for her is all that matters at this point.
Much love to you both,

Lisa Carter said...

Hi Frank,
It gives me great comfort reading your daily updates on Marcie's condition. My heart was aching not knowing how she was doing, and now that you've established this beautiful site, I feel connected to her struggle (and yours). You are doing an incredible job caring for Marcie. She's always said you were "amazing" and she proudly boasted of you as her "rennaissance man." Please tell Marcie that I love her and will always hold her close in my heart.
Friends forever,
Lisa-Lou (Lisa Carter)

Anonymous said...

take care of you too. you need to be strong. I know every minute means everything to you. you and marcie are in my every thought. best to you on going back to work.


Lisa Carter said...

Frank (Marcie's Renaissance Man),
Thank you for sharing Marcie's (and your) daily struggles. You've communicated so beautifully the heartbreaking progression of comforting and caring for our vibrant, brilliant, exceptional friend. Never have I known anyone who lived life more passionately than Marcie. She is an amazing person; and in her advancing stages of cancer, you are reaffirming the strength and beauty we have all known Marcie to possess. Keep up the great work, and please tell her that I love her. I'll be seeing her in future visits (once she's escaped the pain of this debilitating disease). Her friend always,
Lisa Carter