Monday, October 22, 2007

Grapes Among the Flames

So, while San Diego burned this morning, I woke Marcie up and she was more coherent than yesterday. She took about 10 grapes and all her medicines went down well. Jane came back over to help us out for the day, but her mom may need her to go help with evacuations. We'll see.

Here's hoping Marcie does well for the rest of the day and the smoke doesn't knock her down too much. The news says, "slow down, take it easy and drink a lot of water." We'll give it a shot.


Tanya said...

Im enjoying so much "checking in" to this website and "seeing" how missie Marcie is doing. I hope she will not be too affected by the smoke. Our poor boys did not sleep well. Sam has been very thirsty and we've got him inside. Much love. T

Chrissy Patterson said...

Hello! I am happy that both Tanya & Jane were able to visit with Marcie & help out where neeeded. I too am checking in here on a daily basis and appreciate the updates.

You are all in my thoughts & prayers,
Chrissy & family