Thursday, October 25, 2007

On the Outside

I spent the night turning Marcie from side to side to keep her from gurgling when she breathes. She has not been swallowing, so some of her food and soup may have gone down the wrong pipe. Later, I am going to make Marcie a little cocktail of honey and a drug we were prescribed to help cut down on the secretion of mucus into her throat.

Marcie is occasionally lucid, but so far has not taken in any water, or has tried but cannot swallow it. According to the hospice nurse, Marcie has two weeks, and that is "at the outside." I am doing what I can to make that not the case, but without some intake of water, death could come at the hands of an infection and a fever.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayer of support. I share them when she is lucid, though all she can really do is nod in response.


Chrissy Patterson said...

I want to thank you for taking the time to give us this update Hopefully you were able to get some rest today.
I imagine Marcie is sleeping a lot now. Knowing that you & Barbara are by her bedside is kinda comforting to me out here in the midwest. I wish I were there to help. If there is anything I can do please let me know.
You, Marcie & the entire Stoddard Family are in my thoughts & prayers,
Chrissy & Family

Fraulein888 said...

Dear Frank and Marcie,

My heart and prayers are with you both and have been since the beginning. I consider Marcie to be God's most beautiful, caring and loving person that he has ever put on this earth and I feel privileged that I have had some wonderful and fantastic times sharing special moments with her here at work and beyond!

I truly love Marcie (like a sister) and my prayers are with her, you and her family.

Please give her my deepest and most heartwarming love.

Kathleen Smith