Sunday, October 21, 2007

An interesting read

Frances Shani's blog has a nice post on caregiver stress, including a video on the subject. But aside from that, she has a wonderful site about nursing homes and hospitals, something my generation will need to know a lot about in the coming years.

I have added Frances's blog to the links on the left. She is an author some of you might want to pick up a book from. Check her out!


Anonymous said...

This information is very helpful... Walt and I could have used this information for another friend last year. Would it help to have dinner delivered from one of your favorite places?
Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Frank, thank you for your kind words. Your blog is helping more people than you will ever know. You are sharing firsthand your life as a committed caregiver. Your honesty and determination make you a wonderful role model for many.

Please give Marcie my warmest regards. I wish you both the best.

Frances Shani Parker