Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Maybe a little Bounce

So, the fires have me home with Marcie and her mom, since the school asked that only essential employees, ordered to come, in go to work. I wasn't on that list. It's a good thing. Marcie had a rough night, coughing and wheezing. She is having trouble breathing and it appears she is clogged up. The nurse visits later today, so I will let everyone know what is going on afterward.

On the other hand, Marcie's speech is clearer today and her mind is, too. She ate A LOT of the homemade soup Jane left us (as seen in the picture) and her medications went down with nary a hitch.

On another note, thanks for all the kind words of support. Keep your prayers and thoughts on Marcie, though. I'll relay your greetings.