Friday, November 2, 2007

Memorial Ceremony Site Chosen

The memorial site, where people can say a few words in honor of Marcie and (we hope) to release some of her remains, has been chosen. It will be at Torrey Pines, near the beach access slope at Lifeguard Tower 4. We will gather at 5 P.M. You don't have to dress up, but please bring a coat in case it cools down.

To get there, follow Carmel Valley Road until it ends, turning left onto North Torrey Pines Road. Follow North Torrey Pines Road across the little bridge over the lagoon and park on the right.

All of the parking along the road is free, as long as you do not enter the State Preserve lots.Parking is not too limited, but is somewhat and it is a popular spot. If you know others who will attend and live near you or nearby, please carpool to save parking at both the ceremony and the wake.

The ceremony may last beyond sunset. We will likely have candles. After the ceremony, we will proceed to the wake. It may be sooner than 7 p.m., but those who will only attend the wake can show a little late. It will be informal and gentle, much as our Marcie was.


Anonymous said...


Hey man, I know that time is obscure and perhaps maybe even blurred now. Life itself is questionable.

Know that you displayed such heroism, in my eyes, in continuing to deal with all the things you dealt with. You wrote innovative stories, found things out, broke news - and all the while, you went back to the side of your loving wife.

I saw such loyalty and dedication when my grandmother passed away and my grandfather spent over a year morning, noon, and night at her bedside. The culmination of over 50 years of marriage.

You, sir, did not need 50 years. Your gift is that loyalty - that compassion - that love.

Christine and I want to pass on to you our deepest sympathy and offer our sincerest condolences. Days will pass, months and years but never will you grow apart from the one you love.

Keep fighting the good fight - know you held love - and also know that one day when the days are ending, that you will be greeted by a smile amidst the blinding light of an angel that is your wife.

Thank you for all you have done for my family, Frank -- even though you may not think you helped. Like I have said in the past, if ever there is anything I can do --- please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frank Pruett said...

Thank you, Jason. I emailed you back.