Sunday, November 4, 2007

We Have Sent Her Off In Great Love. Thank You.

Before anything else, let me thank Jane and Jason, Elaine (Jane's mom), Christi, Melody, Tanya and Shawn, and Lisa and Walt. You good ladies and gentlemen pulled off a wonderful feat of coordination. You will suffer visits from me, and Marcie too, I am sure.

The number of people who showed on such a dreary, cold November day for my baby's ceremony was touching and I want to thank you all. She loved everyone in her own little way, and almost everyone who was special to her was able to make it.

To the folks at the Union Tribune and at Signon, I can only say, "Thank You. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You." The money you donated will go to help defray costs of a greater memorial. I will post more details on that on a much calmer day.

To my friends at San Diego Unified, what can I say but, again, "Thank You." You humble me.

Art, Elizabeth, Jim and Mary, your presence was very reassuring to me at the ceremony. I was deeply touched that people who I have not known much more than six months would be so good to me. Thank you.

The wreath from the folks in the Financial Division was beautiful, and the messages in the cards, as well as the signatures, were indicative of how well you take care of each other. I am honored that you have taken me in. I will see you all soon, broken heart permitting.

To our family, a huge thank you. Mom, Bobby and Cindy, what a great boon you were to me this week and in supporting my baby as she fought for life. I love you all.

Gary, John-John, Leslie, Virginia, and of course, Dad, thank you for coming and celebrating my greatest love with me. She knows every one of you by name and knew something about all of you that endeared. She probably knew the names of the wives I am so terrible at remembering the names of, too. She knows how important you all are to me, and I am sure that she was deeply gratified to see you there. Our love to you all.

To my family who attended Nicole's wedding. Firstly Nicole, congratulations! I look forward to meeting the groom, and I trust you chose very well for yourself. My God, I cannot believe that I held you when you were a baby. To the rest of you, I totally approve and understand your choice to support our little cousin in celebrating a love I hope will rival Marcie's and mine.

To my friends Dean, Joey, Karl and Zandie (spelling?). Way to represent. You folks are the epitome of easy-going, blue-collar-roots class (even though you are techies and closet professors, too). I'll be calling for your help in the coming days. I know you'll answer.

Janet and Dave, Marcie always considered you the nicest of people, as do I. That you showed for this latest moment only reinforced that. I promise to uphold our tradition of low-maintenance tenancy and mutual respect as well as she established it.

To Rick Eaton, a good man, master photographer and a true stalwart. Thank you for the beautiful plant and for coming to support me. "One door closes and another opens," you said. Truly. Stay in touch and don't keep those pictures to yourself.

For those of you who have just gotten here, please read the archives. This did not start as a memorial. More will be posted later today.

If you went to the ceremony at Torrey Pines but did not come to the wake afterward, please contact me so that I can add you to the book of attendees. Also, everyone who is following this blog should send an email to frank(dot)pruett(at) OR frankORD(at)cox(dot)net.

I'll see you all in the fullness of time. Our best to you, from Marcie and I.