Thursday, November 8, 2007

One Album Up And New Features

I have posted an album of high-resolution pictures of our Marcie for everyone to see, especially those of you who are far away or who have limited email capacity. I'll try to scan and upload every picture I have of her, dividing them eventually into different albums.

You can also just use the little album widget on the right side to see some pretty photos of my beautiful bride. Click on it to visit my albums and get high-res versions of the pictures.

I know I have been holding out on what my big plans are, and the fact is, the secret may have leaked out. However, I will let everyone know what I am going to do to honor our girl forever in the near future. It's big stuff, and I need to have my plan in place and my lists of things to do created and started.

I have added an email link on the comments form for personal communication. Click to leave a comment, then just use the email link above the comment field.


Chrissy Patterson said...

Thank you for the photo albums. The pictures are gorgeous! My favorite is the quintessential 70's pic ...

Thanks again for sharing them.

Anonymous said...


I have never met your beautiful wife Marcie, and I only know you for a short time since you commenced working at the SDUSD, but the pictures and the "Moments of Marcie" site that you have set up have touched me deeply. I feel as though I am experiencing a deeply moving love story that will never end, for as you know life does not end, but is a continuum. One day you will again be in the loving arms of Marcie. In looking at the pictures and having also been on the side of "no this cannot be happening to me" when told there is a cancerous mass, I cried when looking at this beautiful woman who was young and vibrant and full of life! Thank you for being so open and honest.

A coworker!