Monday, November 5, 2007

Things to look forward to

Hello, folks.

I will be adding new elements to the site soon. I will also be disclosing my plans to further memorialize my baby, our Marcie, as I catch my breath. For now, some simple things I hope will help you all remember her, whether you were able to attend her remembrances or not, will soon be on the site.

Planned or in the works are the following:
  • A Photo Gallery
  • A link to an archive of printable photos
  • A flash presentation of the memory book from the ceremony
  • Fresher links with more relevance to grief, breast cancer, etcetera
  • More poems
  • Stories from friends and relatives about Marcie
Keep checking in. Much more is still to come.


Tanya said...

Just finished reading from the "guest book" on the union tribune's web site. It gives me a little bit of peace to read about what people are saying about Marcie.

Anyhow, I have just recieved notice of a third friend passing away this year. It is somehow helpful to have this forum and others to share my grief. Thank you Frank, for this.

Chrissy Patterson said...

How are you doing?

I am on here every single day, the poem you wrote was lovely.

I felt so bad I couldn't attend Marcie's memorial, which I understand was very beautiful.
Tom is currently working in Ohio & as you know we live in Illinois, so I had to stay home with the little ones.

Do let me know if there is anything I can do.
Chrissy & family

Anonymous said...

Ok, I couldn't help writing to see if anyone else watched the Amazing Race on Sunday and thought of Marcie? I know I did, I miss my reality TV buddy! I'm sure she is watching from up above and loving every minute of it. Marcie, who's your favorite? I'm beating it's Kynt & Vysxin (she has pink hair)and they are totally off beat. Ok, I just wanted to write that I miss my Reality TV buddy.