Thursday, September 4, 2008

San Francisco Then and Next

Marcie and I had planned to move to San Francisco before we returned to San Diego, but there was one complication. Marcie was not able to stay in Humboldt any longer, and was not willing to take a chance on moving to San Francisco without a job to support us.

"Honey, it is way too expensive," she said. "We can't afford it unless we both have jobs."

She was right, of course. But for me to get the job I wanted, at Imagine Networks, I needed a bachelor's, complete and ready to present. That required one more semester, the fall of 1998.

She let it be known by May that it was impossible. "I can't stand it here anymore," she cried, holding her face in her hands and heaving at the shoulders as I held her against me. "I can't do this anymore.

Of course, I had been feeling the strain of her discontentment for some time. She was always picking fights and never really happy. I was through with the anger.

I had no idea that her boss was harassing her. That would have changed a lot of things, including the term of his lifespan.

But there was no time to arrange anything. We returned to San Diego. I was miserable instantly.

I don't know what would have become of us in San Francisco, but I know I would rather be anywhere with her than alone anywhere else. I wish I still had that choice.

But at least I can choose to move and, in so doing, explore that beautiful city for her.