Monday, September 1, 2008

Cafe Time

It was a rare treat. She walked in and smiled at me from across the little coffee shop and sat at the table. I got up from my own and walked over, sauntering, really.

"Hello," I said. "Come here often?"

"It's my second time," she said. "Well, then. As this is my first, I shall try and develop a habit now, if you agree to do the same."

She blushed and she took my hand. "Okay, that's enough, honey," she said, smiling and, I could tell, a little pleased with me. "No more pickup lines, you already won me. No need to pretend."

I chuckled and sat again and whispered, "Yeah, let's get real, baby. Mmmm hmmmm..."

She looked at me as if her patience was about to be exhausted, but I pressed on. "So what kind of mocha will my little redhead goddess sample today, hmm?"

She smiled and all was well until we both returned to work, our little game over for the moment.


Ariana said...

What a great way to start my birthday week! What kind of mocha did your little red head get?

Francis Stanley Pruett said...


She got, of all things, a Mexican Chocolate mocha made with raw sugar, half and half, and an extra shot of espresso, plus whipped cream (of course). It was called a Mocha Azteca, I think.