Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Starting the Voyage

I am posting a money tally soon. I have some ideas about how to gauge progress toward the mission's budget. Expect the layout to change in subtle ways. Eventually, I should have a complete custom blog template here. More on that later... It's time to get moving.

I'll be selling some articles to local media to help get to my goal and be ready to travel. I'll be selling that work, hopefully, to Voice of San Diego, CityBeat, or SignOn.I imagine with a slew of awards under my belt (from this year, no less), it will be fairly easy to get some stringer work.

I am looking for writing assignments, folks. I can do just about any kind of article you can imagine, from "How to," to, "How come?" I can create supporting graphics and do my own photography. If you have any leads or assignments, contact me by replying to this post with a comment. Include your email address. You'll find mine embedded in the comment form.

I will be restarting my San Diego journalism blog again. I also plan to do some political and investigative coverage. As far as covering education goes, that is a nay, of course.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing some personal moments of Marcie with you. Does anyone want to share one of theirs? Let me know...

Thank you for your support. I'll write tomorrow.