Monday, November 12, 2007

Marcie's Permanent Memorial

I have been keeping my plans close to the vest on the big memorial in some quarters, but letting some people in on the plan who might understand. Since it is our anniversary today, I chose it to make the announcement and set the wheels in motion.

I have a mission to undertake for Marcie, and I will need some help. I will be taking my baby's ashes all over the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe. I will leave a little of her in every city on her list of places she wanted to see.

The journey will not simply be a tour. I will be looking for little wisps of Marcie's spirit in each place I visit. It is my idea that things which resonate with us retain some of that resonance forever, as we retain memories. I will do my best to catch the echoes of her soul which may linger in those far-flung places, and will write about the whole thing as my voyage proceeds.

Watch the video to find out where we will be going. Click on it to play and for options. It has sound, so listen in.

I will be updating the page every day, gathering my memories and observations, and sharing the journey, which began the day she died.

Interspersed with personal stories about my relationship with Marcie, our adventures and those of our friends, I will link to my and Marcie's items on Ebay and Craig's List. I will also start tying into other blogs and running print ads.

I'll keep a tally of the money as I build funds for the trip, including any media money or advances. It is my hope that my efforts here will help land support. Thank you for yours.

The best to all of you and all of yours,