Thursday, October 18, 2007

Marcie's status for Thursday

So that everyone knows, Marcie has been bed-ridden since an overnight change of condition two weeks ago that took her mobility away and left her in and out of consciousness for a few days. She was at a hospital in Poway for about five days, then brought home. She has her own hospital bed and we have converted our dining room into her care area.

Marcie needs around-the-clock care and monitoring. I have managed to get her back into consciousness again over the last week, and am serving as her caretaker while holding down my job at the school district. I am just a few minutes away when she needs me, and her mom is helping (by helping her eat and monitoring her for seizures) when I cannot be home.

Marcie is sleeping well and she has an appetite. I have set up a computer for her to watch DVDs and cable television by her bed, which she is using and enjoying. My goal is to get her legs back in enough shape to have her sitting in her wheelchair within a week or two, if possible. We'll see.