Friday, October 19, 2007

A Good Early Start

Marcie does not seem to be queasy this morning. She had a big smile for me as I fed her grapes before her morning medicine. She was perfectly able to feed herself, but... hence the smile. She's just that kind of gal. I'll be listening for her to call all day as I work on projects for the district, but I think it might be quiet. She's asleep again, but she was "with it" and clear, which makes for a good forecast. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Frank, you did a great job in creating this blog - Thank you! Please let Marcie know how much I (we) all love her and that I think of her daily. I will call and talk to her when she's feeling better. Meanwhile, thanks to this site we can log in to feel closer to her. You're very lucky to have each other - she has always talked about you being a great husband. I still remember the time you called me as her manager so you could 'surprise' her with flowers. My thoughts then and now - 'what a guy!