Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Place She Always Wanted To Go and Other Stuff

Marcie had some San Diego places to see on her list before she passed. I have decided, as my own departure approaches, to visit them for her.

One of those I wanted to visit with her was the Gulf Coast Grill. A Cajun/Creole joint, it promised to Marcie a flavor of another place she wanted to see: New Orleans. Her taste buds were never in shape enough to go to it. She always held off.

Everything was delightful, with one little wrinkle. I will post a link to a review of it on Yelp! which will be posted later. For now, consider this post a placeholder.

There is also more to write about Marcie and my birthday, too. That will come soon enough, as will some more of her characters and her little stories about them.

G'night for now,