Friday, July 11, 2008

Places she never went

Marcie had a list of local places she wished to see or eat at and never got to. I am looking for her list now. In the mean time, the ones I remember will be visited one by one. Some I have already been to. Some I have Yelp-reviewed.

1. Private Reserve Wine Bar, our neighborhood wine spot.
2. Wine Steals Cheap wine bar in Hillcrest.
3. Soltan Banoo Middle Easter/Mediterranean food.
4. Phuong-Trang Restaurant Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine.
5. Laguna Mountain Lodge cabins that Seamus could visit with us.
6. Vagabond South Park mid-scale eatery.
7. Apertivo Italian Tapas, she was intrigued.
8. Pampas Argentine Grill Our friend Ariana's house of bif.

I recall her list having about a dozen items on it beyond these. If you know something she mentioned wanting to do, or a place she wanted to visit, write me or comment below for everyone.