Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Since a family member requested it, I have pulled three posts for now. I originally intended to back-side publish them but they went live instead of into my drafts. At this point, however, I am going to lay a few things out:

-Someone called a family member and alarmed them.

If you have an issue with the blog, write to me. I will deal with permissions and issues like this on my own.

-The family member mentioned posts including Marcie's and my intimacy

I am writing abook about Marcie that Marcie would want to read even if it was about someone else. It will be honest, occasionally very direct and it will be adult when it is appropriate and true.

-Issues of privacy and Marcie being a "private person."

I do not consider this a valid concern. Marcie put up with a lot and it was admirable. I will not cut back on the full details except perhaps to mask an identity slightly that is otherwise innocent. Maybe.

My editorial outlook and truth are all that will control what is in the book. I have 183 separate posts not published on the active, visible blog and reserved for the book. When I decide to start publishing items, there will be short narratives first.

If it is true, I will do my best to protect feelings. I will not, however, lie, or paint an incomplete picture for the comfort of everyone who might see it. This blog is my property and I will judge retractions on a case by case basis.

The posts will be replaced with something that tells the tale with less identifying data.

To the person who called the family member: please write me an email or call me at my number and let's talk. One way or another, you need to speak your peace, too.

That is it for now, folks. But there is more coming, and we may be going invite-only. But this much is for sure: if I know you and you have something to say, be direct.

As for the truth and Marcie's life, it is fair game for publishing and only my choice to respect the wishes of others rules in regards to the truthful description of events and people in it.