Thursday, June 12, 2008

A little more notice

I received an email from someone who argued that there was some kind of sour grapes involved in what I have written in some places on this blog. There are not.

Marcie loved the people in her life, despite a lot of pain she faced. To show the strength of that love, it is important that the reader have an inkling of the obstacles she faced in maintaining it.

I certainly do not feel comfortable with some of the stories I relay here. Many of them lay bare some of my own faults, some of which I have since, with Marcie's help, buried and moved on from. But they cannot be hidden without obscuring the real story.

Marcie was silent and often asked me to hold my tongue. I won't do that, since every time I didn't, she seemed to benefit.

Why would I change that now?

Thanks for reading onward, thanks for writing in. More to come.