Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Taking the time to do it all

Well, folks, it looks like I will finally be catching up on all of my "to do" stuff this week. As of Friday, I am taking a week of leave from work. It has to be done. Some plans I have for the week include:
  • Start the online store and pack it with Marcie's and my things
  • Begin selling off the household goods and the appliances
  • Start building a memory box for Marcie so I can store what is meaningful enough to keep
  • Rebuild a wardrobe, since everything is just too big now
  • Tend to my financial health (tax appointment Saturday, portfolio adjustments)
  • Start gathering consular information on the international transportation of ashen remains
  • Crank out a few dozen résumés and cover letters for good-sounding jobs
  • Reconnect with Marcie's family and get them over or take them out for a dinner
I ave a week of bereavement to take and plenty of vacation. I won't be able to use my bereavement if my school job is cut, as it is not vacation, so now is the time. I may try to rake in extra cash with some freelance work. We'll see.

Wish me luck, and watch for the new store and other efforts. If everything goes well, who knows? Maybe I'll have time for a road trip. Maybe Humboldt this time...

Thanks for reading on. I know I owe all of you a wedding video, but it looks terrible and scratchy, so I am going to try to transfer it all over again this weekend. I do have a poem for tomorrow... and news later tonight.

Much love,