Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Skunk Cat Rides

Seamus is wild, even at 14 years of age. This often makes him a pain in the ass when he is given the opportunity to express his less tame side. How does he show this? Let's take an inventory:
  • Setting boundaries on petting with the application of force? Yes.
  • Treating every furred wanderer into his territory like prey? Yes.
  • Knocking a screen so hard it bends enough to open against the lock? Yes.
  • Continuously swatting and darting in on a little skunk after he has been thoroughly sprayed? Yes.
  • Roaming from door to door after he has been deskunked to get some more? Yes.
The ridiculous late-night horror I went through is worthy of a whole story in and of itself. I also need to post a few makeup items this week. I'll get to it. In the mean time, I was up from 1:20 to 4 AM washing a stinky, skunked cat then trying to purge my house.

The saga continues even now. Seamus? Pleased with himself to no end and thoroughly happy.

That means I took good care of him. Mean or not, crazy or not, he's a good little buddy and I was worried. The skunk left in seemingly one piece, so that was good news. But what an encounter.

If only there was web smell-o-vision.