Friday, June 6, 2008

The Quirks of Queen Marcie - Characters

Among Marcie's most endearing quirks was her curiosity about people and their lives. This came, of course, from her innate voyeuristic tendencies and intellectual curiosity, but it also beautifully stimulated one of her most wonderful qualities, her creative side.

Marcie was not content to simply people-watch, but her usually reserved nature meant that she never asked the questions of people she most wondered about. She simply wondered and imagined the answers for herself.

Usually, the answers were, when combined with her detailed observations, hilarious.

As the first of her quirks I will explore, I wanted to nail down what she called "characters." This label was based on their actions and qualities, but with fanciful embellishments, they became characters in the literary sense, fully fleshed and realized in Marcie's mind.

It was a privilege to hear her stories, true, imagined, or mixed gleefully for her own internal amusement, and I hope you enjoy them. Our cast includes:

"Otto Van Otterson," "RiverMannonite," "MumbletyPeggy," and "The Shaker." These are people about whom Marcie thought her most fanciful things and convulted, unfounded but amusing stories.

I hope that, over the next week or so, you enjoy exploring this foremost among Marcie's quirks, her ability to amuse herself by filling in the details she does not have with those she would most enjoy.