Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Getting Ready For the Big Sell

Last night with Marcie’s parents was easy and short. I had my visit and conspired with Barbara to get her out of the house one night for a little dinner. On to current events.


I am about to be unemployed if the budget plan does not change here at San Diego Unified. I have options, and I have ideas. That’s all I really need for the moment, and I can always go back to writing the news and blogging more formally. No problemo.


But I need to start cleaning my house out. Everything must go. I will sell the best stuff online, other stuff through Craigslist and a big whopping load through a walk-in-and-make-an-offer sale. Every single penny, will be going into the mega-memorial mission and to (if any cash is left over) subsidize the writing of her book.


I have been putting this off for quite a while. Now it’s time to get it going. I hope that, in two months, I will have cleared the decks of most of our stuff, furnishings and all. Some things will be saved, of course, but most must go. I will begin with the videos, both tape and DVD, and the newer books.


Once I have cleaned out most of that, it will be all about the yard-garage-estate sales. I plan to keep enough cookware, etcetera to take care of myself (saving only the best gear), but to get rid of the extras. When I say everything must go, I mean it. Only the sacred will remain.


I am posting this so that, if her friends see this, or her family, they can tell me what they might be interested in having first. Think about it and let me know if there is something special, folks. Okay, wish me luck and send fundraising ideas.


Much Love,




We return to Marcie and my wedding when my scanner works again. Damn  thing is on the fritz… I want to share what she saved and wrote of our trip. After that, we’re back to Seamus and Marcie and I.