Sunday, March 2, 2008

A visit! And some plans

Marcie's friend Chrissy Patterson will be visiting sometime this week, so I guess I'll have to clean the house. Bleah. But the visit will be good. Chrissy and I actually got to hang out (along with her hubby Tom) a few times, unlike some of Marcie's pals.

I hope to get pictures of Marcie's cat pal Cavinia so I can finish off the story of their little love affair. We'll see if she feels like entertaining photographers, and I will try to film, as well.

I'll catch up later tonight. Have a good Sunday, folks



Lana Banana said...

i'm glad you're getting to hang out tonight . . . hope you had/are having a lovely time!

kitties . . . cute . . . but alas, i'm allergic. strangely enough, though, not allergic to dogs.

anyhow, if i don't see ya 'round, have an awesome week.



Chrissy Patterson said...

Frank, please don't clean the house just for moi! We look forward to seeing you & perhaps even meeting Cavinia !

I recall how Marice knew the names of every single feline friend in the apt. you lived in off Adams Ave.


Francis Stanley Pruett said...

It is too late! The home shall be cleansed!

Lana, she won't be here until Friday... you COULD email if you want to com -unicate or -miserate...