Monday, March 31, 2008

On Our Seamus

He deserves his own post. He deserves a book, in fact (at least a well-illustrated children’s book). He is Seamus, the mix of child and working cat and best friend to me, confidant, sleep-inducing, comforting, living blanket and all-around joy.


There are a number of stories that Seamus touches on, but some of my happiest moments were in being with Marcie and him in various adventures, misadventures and cuddly piles of domesticity. He is getting on in years and turned 14 today, but he is just as spry and game to play as he ever was. This week, read and learn about the little witness to our love that Seamus, a quite atypical kitty, was and is.


Of course, really cute pictures and a film or two may be in the offing as well. I’ll try to restrain myself, though.