Sunday, December 16, 2007

About the notes

The notes I found yesterday are very sweet and come from a time right before Marcie fell ill. If there are any relics which illustrate the bliss we were experiencing at that time, these are they. For now, I am cherishing them. Additionally, I am having some tech issues wit the system and need to just not post tonight. I promise what I eventually post will be worth the wait. Thanks for understanding, folks.



Tanya said...

So tonight I am missing Marcie so much. I was baking and for some reason I used to call Marcie and talk cooking when I I was cooking. I just wanted to call her up and have a chat. Then I go deeply inside my head and try to make sense of why this had to happen. Then I fall short, realizing that there is nothing that I can do. It just is. But on to a memory of M...

So as Im getting ready for bed tonight, I'm getting undressed and realize that I am wearing Marcie's green socks (Frank, thank your for those) and these old gray sweat pants that oddly, Marcie brought with her on her last trip to France. I'm not really sure why she needed to borrow these baggy sweats from me back in '96, or '97, but of course I let her borrow them, they are comfortable, but just old sweats. I have not worn these pants in many years, but they just happened to call to me tonight. It was nice, something nice to remember.