Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kathy Griffin - Marcie's Favorite Non-Marcie Redhead

Last night, I went up and visited Walt and Lisa Soto in San Clemente. Lisa is one of Marcie's girlfriends and someone I looked up through the internet when Marcie mentioned she missed her. I can't believe that was a decade ago.

Lisa and Marcie had elaborate outings together, each seeming to want to outdo one another with their ingenuity and keen eye for each others' tastes. That's something about Marcie's girlfriends that is paralleled. Who can get the more perfect gift for the other? Who can set up the better girls' out-of-town visit?

Last year, Marcie hit one out of the park. I picked up Lisa and her at 4th and B after a show with Kathy Griffin. Both were huge fans, and they got their money's worth. Kathy went over on time and, even waiting on the street for the ladies, I could hear the cheers and laughs inside.

Marcie never got to join Lisa for last night's show. Lisa purchased tickets to the show well in advance, before Marcie's illness began to overtake her. But, being a fan myself and wanting to enjoy something I knew Marcie loved, I jumped at the chance to see it with Lisa in her place.

Kathy is a comedienne of some notoriety and great humor, but she is not a humorist for the sensitive soul. Kathy is brutally honest. This would not be so fun in most circumstances, but Kathy hammers people who are the least prepared to deal with it and the thinnest-skinned imaginable.

The people she has insulted:
  • Hollywood bigwigs
  • Powerful politicians
  • Disabled children in wheelchairs
  • Oprah (she loves her but cannot resist)
  • Christians
  • Barbara Walters
  • Fox News (especially Bill O'Reilly)
Naturally, I am drawn to her comedy like a moth to a flame. It's like a very bad cake you know you should not eat but you decide you have to. Plus, she is a redhead. Points for red hair, every time.

I had a wonderful evening. I don't think I was nearly as fun as Marcie, with her boisterous and infectious laugh, but I did my best. We had dinner at Lisa's and Walt's, a very special treat in my book. Dinner was outstanding, as was the company.

Walt dropped us off at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. What a place. I admit that I am loathe to say so, but it is a beautiful center. However, it is surrounded by the most overdone plastic, pastel-stucco, neon-laced commercial district I have ever witnessed, playing host to various garish national chain restaurants and light pollution.

Kathy killed. Repeatedly. Her special talent is in making you laugh at things you should not, while also stimulating thought about social priorities on the sly. I love it! Unfortunately, I also heard that Kathy is dating and may marry Steve Wozniak of Apple fame. No more "plan B: Date Kathy Griffin" for me. You know I kid (on the square)!

I knew which jokes Marcie would laugh at and I know she was there with me. Lisa told me later that she was glad I had come, and that she had almost canceled her attendance. Well, I am glad she didn't. That was a very nice moment of Marcie she provided me.

Thank you, Lisa and Walt.



Anonymous said...

Frank, I was so honored to share this time with you. Walt loves having you over and is always thinking of you. I realized cancelling would have taken something away from celebrating my love of Marcie and our time together. I almost lost it when Kathy just came out on stage and I was flooded with thoughts of Marcie's laughter, her humor, her beautiful hair (long and short) and so many special moments sharing and bonding over the little things. I missed her so much at that moment, it really hurt. But after having you around, I just better, I felt okay, I felt that she was with us. Somehow we are going to get through.
I'm honoring my grief, whether it is laughter, anger, tears or joy. I'm learning to just be with it and to journal it. I'm continuting to light a candle for her (Thank you Jane and Christina!) and write love letters to her whenever I feel a strong urge to just talk to her.
Frank, my heart is so full of gratitude to you for joining me and just being with me and Walt. We love you! Love and LIGHT!! Lisa